Introducing Huawei Nova series

Huawei – the second-largest smartphone maker in the world is getting popular these days, around the world its innovative products. Huawei made the entire Nova series of smartphone exclusively for the youth. By tuning in to criticism on the past years of Huawei Nova series and gaining from their intended interest group, Huawei finally figured out how to refine some key qualities that draw young people towards it. The new Nova 3 arrangement is focused on 3 principle angles – affordability, incredible camera performance (specifically with the front-facing camera), and diversion performance. Also, Huawei imagines that smartphones are an impression of the client, and in this manner, the feel of the phone should emerge.

Overview of Huawei Nova 3i

For the global market, the Huawei Nova 3 series comes in two forms, to be specific the Nova 3i and Nova 3. NetMag team will concentrate on the Nova 3i in this article, as we have reviewed this device for over a week.

So, meet your new Nova 3i – the first smartphone on the planet to feature the Kirin 710 chipset. This is the new chipset that self-control all other standard smartphones from Huawei, and it will supplant the current Kirin 659 chipset. On paper, the Kirin 710 is required to perform around 2x quicker on single strung applications and 2.26x quicker on GPU performance when contrasted with the Kirin 659.


The Nova 3i comes with a very decent white color packing. The accessories in the box include Back Cover (transparent silicon pouch), Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Fast Charging Adopter, USB 2.0 Cable, Nova 3i device in Black color and Hands-free.


CPU Kirin 710 Octa-Core
Memory 4GB
Storage 128GB
OS Android 8.1 + EMUI 8.2
Screen Size  6.3”
Resolution  FHD+, 2340 x 1080
Rear Cam 16MP + 2MP
Front Cam  24MP + 2MP
Battery  3340mAh
Design Glass, Gradient Color
Available Colors  Iris Purple and Black
Price PKR 40,000/-

Huawei Nova 3i

Design and Display

I figure most shoppers will dependably take a gander at the outside design arrangement as one of the key assessment criteria with regards to picking their own smartphone. The Huawei Nova 3i certainly emerges, as it is likely one of the prettiest phone one can buy in this price range.

Initially, despite the fact that the Nova 3i is physically indistinguishable size from its forerunner (Nova 2i), it figured out how to contain a bigger 6.3inch display (when contrasted with 5.5inch). By pushing the points of confinement of a higher screen to body proportion with a better plan and assembling process, Huawei oversaw decrease the bezels width on both the best and base of the phone. This plan refreshes the Nova arrangement to be tantamount with numerous other premium smartphones in the market.


Shockingly, the Huawei Nova 3i additionally features a special glossy design that is just accessible on their P20 series. Rather than an average single shading, the Nova 3i’s back cover will have a slope shading outline. The highest point of the phone will first begin off with blue, yet will then bit by bit travel into dim purple at the base. This “angle shading” plan is turning into another pattern for smartphones, and the Nova 3i will ride the wave to put this bit of workmanship under the control of the mass market.

We can truly envision the measure of the plan and building exertion they have put on the Nova 3i just to accomplish a particular stylish feature. It’s presumably the nonstop quest for flawlessness that separates Huawei from some other.

CPU Performance

A large portion of the peculiarities of the Huawei Nova 3i comes straightforwardly from the decision to receive the Kirin 710 as the base chipset to control the smartphone. Much of the time, the Kirin 710 chipset appears to a significant disappointment for the Nova 3i, causing it not to be the conspicuous decision for clients.

The Kirin 710’s plan commands that just MicroUSB ports are utilized, rather than the more mainstream USB Type-C Ports. In this manner, rather than USB Type-C which is reversible in the plan, clients should tinker with their MicroUSB links and discover the correct position to embed their charging link.

Good Gaming Experience

Benchmarking Results

Nova 3i scored exceptionally well in AnTuTu Benchmarks beating all 2016’s flagship in processing. It scored 137687 in single-core test.

Camera Performance

Rear Camera

The center of Huawei’s camera framework is the Artificial Intelligence engine that encourages the phone to perceive situations and apply distinctive shading and profile settings to upgrade the picture quality. The Huawei Nova 3i’s AI framework is as of now in light of excessing 100 million pictures that can recognize more than 500 situations in 22 classifications. You need not to be an expert picture taker to shoot cool photographs!

Here are some of the photos that we took from different camera modes;

Auto Settings with AI on

The HDR feature somewhat enhanced the quality, as the primary DBS building looked more brilliant than the first.

With the AI framework turned on, the pictures created were crazy. Try not to misunderstand me, as this could go both ways. As observed, the photograph taken with AI is to a great degree not the same as the first. The blue sky turned out to be more immersed which is more observable with the reflections on the DBS building. Generally speaking, the photograph caught with AI turned on appeared to be a more lively arrangement, yet it could have additionally tried too hard. The photograph looked to some degree unnatural, as the hues appeared to be excessively soaked.

Front Camera

Since the Nova arrangement is focused on adolescents, Huawei additionally invests additional push to the front camera framework on the Nova 3i. Truth be told, the Nova 3i is the primary ever smartphone to have AI abilities empowered on the front camera framework. Like the back camera, the front camera framework additionally accompanies a 2MP and 24MP back camera. The 2MP predominantly catches data about the profundity of the field, while the 24MP camera catches picture information.

The front camera framework can likewise distinguish situations like the back camera. For instance, it could identify that I was taking selfie photographs in a room, and altered the photograph to more readily suit the earth. Huawei likewise specified that they have a beautification calculation that attempts to comprehend and perceive the client in light of the sexual orientation, age and skin tone. The consequences for a 25-year-old male (who really appears as though somebody in the mid-30s) is as per the following.

Augmented Reality emojis with use of the front camera

Let’s be honest… Following the strides of Apple, Huawei likewise made their own form of Animoji called Qmoji. With Qmoji, clients can record outward appearances and create a customized 3D Qmoji pack in GIF or video design.

We completed a correlation between Huawei’s 3D Qmoji and Apple’s Animoji, and we felt that Apple’s usage was, by and large, better over Huawei’s. Animoji could all the more likely repeat outward appearances and is more responsive.

In any case, the Huawei 3D Qmoji feature brought a component of amusing to the table and we appreciated it!

Reviewing the price

Price is one of the greatest variables to consider while picking another smartphone. We must realize that the Huawei Nova 3i costs around PKR 40,000, setting it a comfortable and affordable product of the midrange smartphone series, specifically when we see its hefty internal storage. It is genuinely a smartphone that explains your each penny spending with every one of the features and abilities that meet up with it.


Nothing draws close to the esteem what Huawei Nova 3i gives at the price point of PKR 40,000. Until the point that a commendable contender lands into the market to prove us wrong, the Huawei Nova 3i is the most coherent decision for somebody hoping to buy another smartphone at this price point. It merits our Best Value Award.

While there is not a lot we can expect from the Huawei Nova 3i at the price point it is at, I do trust that Huawei can just get their rudiments right. As I would see it, it ought to nearly be a fundamental prerequisite for smartphones of today to accompany a USB Type C association and 5GHz WiFi bolster.


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