The latest news that Huawei has on hold is the introduction of its first 5G phone, the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G. This is going to come before the Mate X which was dubbed to support 5G but since Huawei is concerned of how its folding mechanism would bear with time, there has been no official release statement from the company on that matter. For now, we have the Mate 20 X 5G, but along with that is another new comer which will be available soon and boasts some impressive specs, specifically in the camera department.

The Huawei Nova 5i PRO is what is rumored to release alongside the flagship 5G phone. The Nova 5i is already present in the market, but this upgraded version, with the so-called PRO moniker, has more cameras to  brag about. Starting with the front one, it is a 32MP camera which is integrated using a punch-hole in the display to accommodate maximum screen space.


On the other end of things, the Cameras are four in number and you would have probably guessed by now what they are there for, with one of them being the primary 48MP Sony sensor, while the others include a telephoto, a wide angle and a depth camera. All of this is packaged in a body that has an alleged 6.26 inches LCD panel with FULL HD+ resolution. 6 and 8 GB RAM options would be available with 128GB and 256GB of internal storage. The battery is expected to be a decent 3900 MAH and would ship with the latest EMUI 9.1, out of the box.

This clears out the air in one matter and that is the use of the HONGMENG OS, which was an in-house OS built by Huawei initially rumored to smartphones but then later only expected to come on other devices like TVs. Huawei has regained its partnership with Google and so, any phones that follow will ship with Android.


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