Carrying a mobile power pack around is, after all, inconvenient, so decent user experience should start with well-equipped “weapons”. HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus are mounted with 3200mAh/3750mAh battery within the light and thin body with the thinnest part being the only 6.98mm. More importantly, HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus adopt the latest HUAWEI SuperCharge technology.

For those of you who thought you had planned everything before a trip, something may still go wrong, as they always do. So I’ve written a poem for you, just to be mean:

Batteries run low when traveling

The weather is fine but the battery is foul;

I’m all set for a good shot then the battery runs out.

Only with a mobile power pack by my side

Can I finally take my time

Pick a spot, strike a pose and take my shot.

A tip for those of you who plan to fly to your destination, Civil Aviation Administration stipulates that passengers are only allowed to bring two mobile power packs at most. To help you survive the long hours without a wall socket, I, also being very considerate, would like to offer you a solution.

Smart Charging

HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus are equipped with smart battery chips, which enables real-time communication between phones and chargers via SCP. During the process, the phone can automatically adjust voltage and current to avoid unnecessary energy loss due to voltage conversion in the phone.

Speedy Charging

HUAWEI P10 and P10 Plus can be powered to 50% within half an hour, so even if you forgot to charge your phone the night before, there’s always time to plug in for a while before you go, enough to take photos and post in social media!

*Based on results from HUAWEI lab tests according to users’ habit

Safe Charging

HUAWEI SuperCharge also adds a five-layer safety control design: including charger, Type-C port, smart battery chip, current shunt, and batteries. For each layer, there’s a three-dimensional protection mechanism to ensure safe voltage, current, and temperature. So in all, there are 15 layers of protection.

A must for self-driving tours – Car-mounted charger

How can you miss it in self-driving tours— HUAWEI SuperCharge car-mounted charger, which powers your phones during the journey, securing enough battery power for navigation and photo-taking after arriving at destinations?

The technology supports quick charging at 4.5V/5A and is compatible with 9V2A and 5V2A charging modes. Get a day’s use from 30 minutes charge. It is suitable for mainstream cars with different specs of car cigarette lighters and power ports and is easy to install.

4-layer protection for safe quick charging. After undergoing over 40 rigorous tests, it proves to be reliable and durable. But the last test shall be carried out by you, the drivers. Anyway, I have already installed it in my car.


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