Several reports, and many from china have reported a leak in the specs of the Huawei p10 and p10 plus, and the design. Due to the black finish on the front of the phone, experts have been left puzzled regarding whether there was an extra scanner, or not, which could possibly be an iris scanner, similar to the note 7.

The p10 has no rear sensor or a physical home button, so it is quite obvious that the fingerprint scanner would move to the front. Some people have been puzzled due the addition a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner on the plus’ back, in addition to the physical home button. There wouldn’t be any point for two fingerprint scanner, so maybe the home button is just a home button, and not a fingerprint scanner.

Like the Huawei mate 9, the p10 plus will also have a curved screen, and if we were to believe the rumors, the shape of the p10 plus would be very similar to that of the huawei mate 9, with the 5.5 inch curved display, exactly like the Huawei mate 9. The P10 Plus also has a ring-flash that surrounds the laser-assist sensor for autofocus.


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