Huawei p20 video claims better performance than DSLR

Huawei p20 video claims better performance than DSLR
Huawei p20 video claims better performance than DSLR

Huawei p20 video claims better performance than DSLR. Admit the fact that while purchasing a smartphone, one of the most important specifications we look for in any model is its “camera”. On the other hand, when it comes to the quality of photos, a DSLR is a good standard to compare. Recently, a video from Huawei P20 shows us how closely the new phone’s camera measures up by comparing it to a DSLR.

Despite the fact that until recently there have been massive advancements in lens quality and smartphone camera software, it has been next to unfeasible for a smartphone camera to deliver comparable quality to a high-end camera.

However, recently, in this new Huawei P20 video the company hopes to make an impression on buyers who give importance to camera quality above all else by comparing it to this haughty competitor.

Now coming to the video, Huawei P20 video comes with titled “See Brighter,” in which we see a man who is having some issues with its DSLR because he is not getting enough light in his shot. He tries again and again to get enough light. The built-in flash of camera is failing and he is also facing problem with more powerful one. Then he brings some umbrella lights for him to be pleased with a shot. That is the equipment that the greater part of photographers doesn’t have lying around.

To his left side is a woman who takes a single photo with the Huawei P20, with the caption “#SeeBrighter”

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However, in actuality these are snooty claims for a smartphone manufacturer that has had dilemma competing with the likes of Samsung, LG, Google, and Apple in the West. Now the question arises whether this Huawei P20 video is true or if it’s making some attractive exaggerated claims about the capabilities of its camera.

Is the Huawei p20 camera better than the rest?

Apart from the fact that, the Huawei P20 video shows off an impressive camera, but the model is far from the simply smartphone camera on the market that can take gorgeous photos that competitor traditional cameras.

The Huawei P20 video isn’t the foremost time we’ve seen a smartphone camera being compared to a DSLR.

 The variable aperture system on the Galaxy S9 was really “the camera, re imagined” as Samsung claimed. Moreover, the Pixel 2 has some extremely impressive software that offers turn an average photo into the ideal snap.

In a nutshell, although the camera quality is inspiring and it may produce some excellent shots but it almost certainly won’t set itself apart from the likes of the Galaxy S9.

 Still, it’s an interesting comparison with a quality lighting of DSLR that may become more applicable as smartphone technology continues to go forward.


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