There has been a constant stream of rumors with regards to Huawei’s upcoming phone –the Huawei P30 Pro. The latest set of rumors go on to suggest that it is expected the phone will come with a curved display, alongside a notch.

Itis also rumored that the P30 Pro will feature with a 38MP Sony IMX607 sensor,and the sensor is supposed to be powered by Exmor RS image processingtechnology. It will have three-speed native sensitivity, with ISO 50/500/5000. Inaddition to all this, the CMOS image sensor is also rumored to have someoptimizations, for the sole purposes of night shots. Furthermore, the sensorwill indeed have a Dual Bayer, alongside a white HDR coding array. The sensortipped to come with the integration of Exmor RS technology, alongside abuilt-in high-Snr. SNR will come with the capabilities to deliver brighterimages than you’d expect, and all this with low noise. It will also featurewith a built-temperature, and light sensor.

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Ice Universe, a major player when it comes to tips with regards to upcoming phonesactually went on to unveil that the phone is set to come with a curved OLEDdisplay panel. It is quite likely that the panel will be manufactured byChina’s BOE, or perhaps LG’s display. It is also stated that the display panelwill indeed have a notch over a hole.

The Huawei P30 Pro to come with a curved display?

Like I said earlier, there has been a constant stream of rumors, and the rumors don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon; however, Huawei hasn’t actually commented on anything related to what we’ve seen on the internet thus far. Nothing has been said with regards to the notch design or a display hole, and so I would advice you to take all the rumors and the speculation with a grain of salt, because it is still too early to be judging how the phone would be at this time. Hopefully enough though, we can hope that as time progresses, not only do more reliable sources start telling the story, but Huawei itself makes it official of what we can and should be expecting of the phone.


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