So the major Chinese manufacturers of mobile phones, Huawei are expected to go official with there first flagship model for the year of 2019, Moreover the P30 series will be released in the first quarter. Now there are somerumors, backed by an official statement from Huawei Poland that the upcoming models will be launched around the end of March and users cannot wait to get there hands ofn the device! The P30 series will consist of the Huawei P30, P30 Pro and the P30 Lite. The Huawei P30 Pro is set to be the highlight model in the series and will come with a hefty price as well, it is no surprise that the device has repeatedly featured in leaks. However, a very major leak has been found on the Internet.

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The leak is that of the P30 Pro device and real live pictures shows usthe final design of the said device, but here’s the catch, the device in the picture is a dummy. The leak came to notice from Digital Trends who have claimed to have had personal time with the upcoming Huawei flagship device. But now that it has been confirmedthat it is a dummy unit, Digital Trend says the screen does work. But to buttress suspicions that this might be the final design, they weren’t allowed to take photos of the front side of the device.

Huawei P30 Pro images leaked on the Internet, ahead of launch

The new leak further shows that the rear will have a triple camera setup at the rear end of the phone.All in all, the design is said to look a lot like the Mate 20 Pro but retains the aesthetics of the previous P20 Pro device. Earlier leaks suggested that the P30 Pro will feature a teardrop design at the top and will have a quad camera setup at the rear. Finally the phone is set to be launched by the end of March this year!


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