Huawei P30 series camera update

Huawei P30 series camera update
Huawei P30 series camera update

Both the Huawei P30 and the P30 Pro were launched by Huawei this year – and both these devices feature with flagship status. Amongst the most attractive features that the phones come with are the cameras. The P-series from Huawei has always been known to have a great camera setup – and now, by the looks of it, things are seemingly looking to get better.

Both the devices from the Chinese manufacturer’s P-series are now looking to be on the receiving end of a critical night mode update that will be for the front-facing camera. This will look to bring optimized low-light functionality to the devices. This has also been referred to as being “Super Night Mode” by various outlets – the reason for this being that the feature actually aims to better the quality of selfies that happen to be taken in dimly lit environments.

Right now though, there aren’tapresent many sample photos which means that we cannot actually compare this selfie night mode to Huawei’s already existing Night Mode feature. At this moment in time though, a fair assumption can be that it will just look to bring about the same software image stabilization to the devices’ 32MP selfie cameras that currently exists on the rear shooters.

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This update is amongst the few that we are likely to see from Huawei sooner rather than later. Indeed the selfie night mode is only one of the many updates which are coming to the company’s EMUI update. The other updates range from the likes of optimizations, to the likes of the fingerprint scanner, video editing functionality within the gallery, the addition of Chinese Telecom VoLTE HD voice calling, the security patch reserved for August 2019 – and much more. Considering the fact that this update was actually subject to being announced specifically for the Chinese variants of both the P30 and the P30 Pro, we can imagine the updates to be a bit different when they hit other markets.

Huawei is bringing about increased functionality and features within its various range of smartphones now, as the company looks to sustain – or even regain much of the market share that it managed to accumulate over the past couple of years!


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