The Huawei P60 series has been launched officially as part of Huawei’s spring product launch. The Huawei P60 series is based on the design philosophy of the P series, which uses a classic camera layout combined with a new lingering four-curved screen that sets it apart from its competitors.

The company said today, that as the main supplier of Huawei P60 cell phone back covers, BYD Electronics will help Huawei to develop the industry’s first feather sand glass process, which is described as being as soft and delicate as a feather, as bright as a sand diamond and shimmering, as well as having outstanding anti-fingerprint properties.

The Huawei Mate X3 is one of the latest models of folding screen phones to be released by Huawei in this conference. As BYD Electronics has revealed the design concept of the Mate X3 smartphone, BYD Electronics can be said to have spared no effort when it came to designing its ultra-thin metal frame and dazzling glass back cover.

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As reported by the Associated Press, BYD Electronics created the industry’s lightest and thinnest folding machine frame using aircraft-grade wing aluminum. The overall wall thickness of the frame is 0.3mm, and each frame piece weighs only 38g, which is the same weight as an ordinary frame, so that the folding screen really does achieve the ultimate thin, light as a feather design.

The Mate X3 is Huawei’s first folding machine that has waterproof requirements, flatness and airtightness requirements, which are much higher than those for an ordinary frame, according to BYD Electronics. To make sure that the product meets the IPX8 waterproof difficulty, BYD Electronics has repeatedly tested and verified many aspects of the product to ensure toughness and reliability.

BYD Electronics official learned that the Mate X3 glass back cover is also made of feather sand glass process in order to create a multi-angle effect of dazzling light. For the first time, the development team of BYD Electronics has developed a verification program focusing on product characteristics. Using evaporative coatings, the color and performance of the product were successfully attacked.


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