Huawei release a wireless charging case with the P30 device

Huawei release a wireless charging case with the P30 device
Huawei release a wireless charging case with the P30 device

So probably the major difference between Huawei’s two flagship models, the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro is that the P30 Pro comes with a support for wireless charging, while the P30 does not. We know how you feel,  it is definitely a bit of a let go considering the fact that Huawei decided to not add a wireless charging feature to a phone that will cost users about €799, however, we have good news, as it turns out you may just be able to charge the phone wirelessly, Now, there is no wireless coil built into the phone, however, users can still charge the Huawei P30 device using a wireless charger all thanks to an official wireless charging case which is made exclusivelyfor the device.


The case not only allows you to charge the phone wirelessly, but in addition it also provides enough protection for the edges and has a bit of a non-slippery texture whichprovides users with an excellentand firm grip when a userholds it. Furthermore, the new additional Wireless Charging Case has supportfor 10W wireless quick charging (using the Huawei wireless charger) which is slightly slower than the P30 Pro’s 15W wireless charging. In addition to things the charging case also got a TÜV Rheinland safety certification and Qi certification. The case has a built-in permeable magnetic material that allows it to easily attach to the phone holder in your car. It is available in two colors orange and turquoise. There is currently no news on whether you can buy the case separately and how much that will go for, but you never know!

As of the moment there aremany other cases available for the Huawei P30 and the Huawei P30 Pro. There is a clear case, a silicone case, a PU case, a smart view flip cover, a wallet cover, and a snorkeling case which is exclusive to the Pro model since it is waterproof.


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