A senior executive member of the Huawei Canada has left the company as the Chinese giants experience more sorrow from the west. Moreover, according to a report from the very famous UK based international daily, Reuters, The senior vice president for the company’s corporate affairs Mr. Scott Bradley has left the firm without making too much noise, he did this at the start of this week. The news got through to the people after post was lodged on the Linkedln account of the said person, Scott Bradley. Scott mentioned that he left the position without having any particular reason against the firm.

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Furthermore, Scott Bradley was known to be a very well versed Corporate official with loads of experience under his belt, he emerged from the Canada’s top corporate arenas. Moreover, he was contacted by dailies such as the Globe and The Mail, but he still did not provide the people with any particular reason as to why he left the firm. The Huawei, Canada President Mr. Eric Li, acknowledged the services that he provided to the firm and also mentioned that he will continue to stay a special advisor to the company.

Huawei, Senior Executive of the firm leaves the company

It should also be noted that, The Chinese company has also been under increased scrutiny, particularly in the west and the media have referred to the case being a key reason as to why Scott left the firm. The US has allegedly stated that Huawei could be found guilty for using its equipment for spying for the Chinese government and US authorities have had some tensions roll up against the company as the continue to make a greater reputation for themselves. The company’s CFO was also arrested in Canada over charges that she could have violated the US trade sanctions put up against Iran but the CFO was later released after a bail was paid.


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