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Huawei Sets its Sight on Investing

Chinese manufacturer Huawei is apparently investing significant amounts of money in smart car solutions. The company is actually working on creating cost effective LiDAR technology – as claimed by Wang Jun – who happens to be the company’s auto division head.

A senior official has been reported to have said : “With its advanced 5G technology the company is set to reduce the cost of radar sensors to USD 100 in the future.” As of now, the price of LiDAR sensors range from that of 400 to 500 ID dollars. And so, with regards to Huawei’s investment, the company might be able to establish a very prominent role in the intelligent vehicle industry.

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Even though the Chinese company has not come to grips with building any cars on its own, it still goes on to use its expertise in various fields which range from the likes of telecommunications as well as ICT so as to offer parts to various automobile manufacturers all across the globe – and that too at rather competitive rates. If you aren’t aware of what LiDAR is : it happens to stand for “light detection and ranging.” This is essentially a sensor which goes on to use light in the form of pulsing lasers in order to measure the distance that exists from a particular target.

Such technology is rather seen as a crucial step for the proper implementation of self driving cars as it goes on to help the intelligent automobiles to detect its own surroundings and hence act in accordance with what is present. While the technology is very sought out in the industry, manufacturers like Tesla are actively looking towards non-LiDAR solutions as well. For the time being though, the technology remains to be the standard and with Huawei making strides – it seems that the company is moving towards yet another smart investment.


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