Huawei custom made HarmonyOS has been the talk of the town ever since US placed Huawei under a strict trade ban making it difficult for Huawei to do business with its American partner companies and thereafter began the rumors of a new operating system in the works for Huawei just in case Huawei was banned from using Android. However, on the public front there seems to be a lot of confusion on the ban since all Huawei devices that are coming nowadays have android installed, the only setback being the lack of play services installed.

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Later, Huawei in a conference, told its consumers that even though HarmonyOS was a reality, the operating system was not directed towards smartphones but rather other smart devices like modems and smartTVs. This gave us a glimpse of how Huawei plans to expand for the future, and just like a lot of other tech companies, Huawei also planned to start selling its own TVs and that’s exactly whats been happening. However, this is currently restricted to China but the world might be seeing more of that soon. Recent leaks of a smart TV shows how the HarmonyOS would look like and the pictures give a too colorful vibe as have all of Chinese devices have always been giving off. Huawei would really need to tune up a little bit of the operating system so that it can be successful in Europe.

Dubbed as the new ‘Smart Screen’, it is still unclear by the rumors whether this is a variant of Android or HarmonyOS. There had been recent Bluetooth certifications of certain Huawei devices which looked like the upcoming SmartTVs by Huawei. Reports claim that there will be no changes and that the software would be exactly the same as the one shown in the leaks. How would Huawei fare up against the other competitors, only time will tell.

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