Huawei steps up push to popularize HarmonyOS

Huawei steps up push to popularize HarmonyOS

Huawei Technologies Co is intensifying its push to promote HarmonyOS, its own operating system. This effort is driven by growing enthusiasm from consumers and partners for the OS.

Huawei’s announced that HarmonyOS smartphone users had surpassed 50 million as of Friday. In June, it launched Harmony-OS 2, the latest version of its OS for the internet of things devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

This was a significant step for Huawei. Huawei had been working for HarmonyOS since long before Google’s Android operating systems were available to it. Huawei had also prepared for HarmonyOS after the US government closed its Google access in 2019.

Huawei’ claimed that HarmonyOS had more than 30,000,000 users at the beginning of July. Basically, each second eight users update the OS of their Huawei smartphones, replacing Android with HarmonyOS.

Zhang Wentao is a Beijing-based bank employee. He recently upgraded his Mate 30 smartphone’s software to HarmonyOS. The new OS provides a smooth user experience on both his phone and his Huawei tablet.

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Huawei stated earlier that it expects the number of HarmonyOS-equipped devices to exceed 300 million by the end of this year. This includes more than 200 million Huawei devices and the rest from equipment made by third-party companies.

The HarmonyOS system is supported by more than 20 Huawei smartphone models. More than 300 ecosystem partners have adopted HarmonyOS, including Midea, an artificial intelligence company iFlytek, and Supor, a cookware company.

Huawei’s expects that HarmonyOS will have more than 40 new partners by the end this year.

Wang Chenglu, the president of Huawei’s software department, stated earlier that HarmonyOS’ short-term market share goal is 16 percent.

“Sixteen percent” is a threshold that allows an operating system’s ecosystem, to grow prosperously. Huawei must meet this threshold,” Wang stated.

Yin Dong is a Beijing-based software designer who uses HarmonyOS tools to create mobile apps for several months. He said he is optimistic about the future of the operating system.

“It’s very easy to create cross-device applications based on HarmonyOS. This is designed for IoT devices such as watches, cars, TVs and ovens and enables them all to connect with one another and deliver new functions,” Yin stated.


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