Huawei has recently launched two brand new colours for the P50 Pocket phone which was available on July 4. Alongside the phone it is also the Chinese company has also released its first device to prevent loss. To explore the possibilities of accessories for smartphones, Huawei launched the device.

It is the first device of this kind in Huawei’s line-up The device that protects against loss is now officially known as Huawei Tag Anti-Lost Wizard. It weighs just 6g and is 5.6mm thickness, according to the official announcement. It can be used to search in near-field and a maximum 92 decibel siren and a pop-up that will quickly inform you of items that have been abandoned.

Huawei tag

Its Huawei Tag Anti-Lost Wizard costs just 69 Chinese Yuan ($10 approx.) for a keychain in leather 299 Chinese Yuan ($45 approximately.) for a combination of four pieces and for a single keychain, 99 Chinese Yuan ($15 approximately.) for a single piece which is three times cheaper in comparison to it is Apple AirTag. It will be available on July 30. will be officially launched.

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It is the Huawei Tag Anti-Lost Wizard gives an excellent feature with distance objects detection and remote locations using Huawei’s “find” network and positioning using the hundreds of million of Huawei devices. This Huawei Tag Anti-Lost Wizard allows secure reporting of location information and can be completely anonymous in both directions, and comes with the ability to set a security reminder for the long-term for Huawei Tags that are not known to stop the tracking of these tags.

Huawei Tag Anti-Lost Wizard also comes with IP67 water and dust resistanceas well as NFC connection, as well as offers a battery life that lasts for more than an entire year, which makes it suitable for long-term usage and guaranteeing longevity. It comes with an additional leather keychain.

Anti-lost devices are now an essential accessory for smartphones. They are available in the Huawei Tag Anti-Lost Wizard will compete with Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag. Apple AirTag and the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag priced at around $200 Chinese Yuan ($30) and 249 Chinese Yuan ($39), in the respective amounts. Both were introduced in the first quarter of 2021.


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