There is not a timescale given as to when Huawei will get out of the trouble that it has been put in with the company being placed in a list by the United States that effectively bans any US firm from doing business with the Chinese manufacturer. With that in mind, the latest reports suggest that Huawei is cutting down the production of new devices.

Foxconn happens to be the production partner of not only Huawei but several other smartphone manufacturers, and it has been said in recent times that it too has stopped serval production lines. This news comes courtesy of a report from the South China Morning post. The reason given for this is that Huawei has seen a reduction in its orders as the company does not have an idea as to what the future holds for it.

It will be foolish to see this only affecting Huawei as Foxconn too will see the employment of thousands of workers to meet Huawei’s production demand go to waste.

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Huawei will also need to adopt a pragmatic approach in light of the latest events. It was made no secret that the manufacturer had its sights set to overtake Samsung as the world’s top phone manufacturer. The president of Honor – Huawei’s subsidiary disclosed recently at a press conference in Shanghai that Huawei is indeed rethinking its goal of overtaking the Korean manufacturer in 2020. The chief executive officer, about the 2020 goal said : “As the new situation has emerged, it is too early to say whether we are able to achieve the goal.”

It’s clear that with all that has happened Huawei won’t be able to continue its growth into the smartphone market – with the European market in particular, as Huawei has been doing extremely well in that part of the globe. In fact, the company had the best statistics in Europe.

Both the Honor 20 and the Honor 20 Pro were launched last month in London, however, there still isn’t present a date as to when both the phones will be available for purchase. Both these devices were indeed launched in China just a few days ago. The Honor 20 is available for purchase in China already, and as far as the pro version is concerned, it will go on sale starting the 18th of June.


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