There have been many rumors going around regarding the Huawei Mate 10. These rumors and speculation have only been boosted by what the CEO of Huawei has had to say over the past few weeks. However, we are not at the point where buyers will purchase unlocked phones more than carrier variants, something Huawei might have known about, given its alleged partnership with AT&T.

The Information’s sources claim that the carrier, AT&T, which also happens to be the second-largest carrier in the USA, will be selling the Mate 10, which will be Huawei’s flagship phone, and this phone will be released by the end of 2017.

Whether the phone is actually the Mate 10 is not yet finalized, however, one thing remains to be sure – Huawei’s engineers are doing their best to make sure that the phone’s internals and software are not only up to the mark of the US standards, but also satisfy AT&T requirements. So, it can be clearly seen that the deal is not yet finalized :

“A deal isn’t finalized until the phone clears all the technical hurdles and the companies agree to the commercial terms of the release. Huawei’s engineers are working on hardware and software modifications that are necessary for meeting U.S. telecom standards and AT&T’s requirements, the people said.”

This partnership could be a huge deal for Huawei to really make a mark on the smartphone market. Being the third-largest smartphone company in the world, this partnership with AT&T could finally be the way that it really challenges the big boys – Samsung and Apple. Talking about the Mate 10 itself, the only thing we know thus far is that it will indeed come into existence, and according to Huawei’s CEO, the phone will challenge the likes of the Apple iPhone 8. Huawei’s CEO also stated that the Mate 10 will feature a large battery, “better photographing ability,” and a screen-to-body ratio similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s and the rumored LG V20’s.


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