Huawei technologies in for 6G

Huawei seeks the help of Australia in rolling out 6G

In the most recent turn of events, the latest reports are now suggestive of the possibility that Huawei is apparently seeking to lead the new generation of telecommunications technology in 6G. Indeed the brand actually aims on becoming the pioneer in 6G networking as both the US as well as Japan also look on to invest rather heavily towards the next networking standards which is to make way.

In accordance with a report coming in, the Chinese tech giant’s plans in relation to the development of 6G also arrive as both the US and Japan also look to push ahead with the next generation telecom tech. Moreover, the company’s CEO has also reportedly asked its employees to “break limits in the sky” and has gone on to set global standard in the industry. The statement was actually subject to being made when the top executive was speaking at a gathering that took place – a gathering consisting of Huawei’s scientists, researchers, and also its interns last month. As per what an internal company document suggests, the senior official said that the brand will actually continue with the development of 5G as well as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and businesses as well as it looks to move on to the next generation technology.

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However, important to note is the fact that the biggest hurdle to all of Huawei’s plans remains to be the US which of course has imposed various sanctions in the past which had essentially crippled its once notable smartphone business. And while the founder of Huawei has acknowledged the damage which has been done courtesy of the sanctions placed by the US, he added : “Our research into 6G is preparation against a rainy day, and we aim to seize the ground of 6G patents. We must not wait until 6G becomes viable, as waiting would impose constraints on us due to a lack of patents.”


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