Europe’s very first smart railway port is not set to be managed by a 5G private network and is set to be built sooner rather than later – courtesy of a cooperation agreement struck between Huawei and Vodafone.

After it ends up being completed, it will indeed become Europe’s largest intelligent multimodal transport railway hub and will also become the very first to make use of a 5G private network for the sake of internal communications and also of course the operation of technological devices. The east-west gate is indeed located in Hungary and happens to cover an area of 85 acres.

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The port project’s will actually end up being provided thanks to Vodafone Hungary and Huawei technologies Hungary. It will end up being used in order to control the terminal’s fully self-propelled giant cranes in a remote manner. These cranes will then be capable of even the finest movements. The terminal will also have the capacity to handle up to one million 20-foot containers per year after it finally is subject to completion – which is likely to take place in the first quarter of next year.

CEO of Huawei technologies Hungary recently claimed at the signing ceremony that this is in fact the very first time that the company is making use of 5G technology so as to empower the rather traditional railway logistics industry based in Europe and hence realize remote control of cranes via the aid of 5G technologies. With the aid of technical advantages that are of course brought on by 5G technology – including the likes of high speed, low delays, the workers would therefore only be required to sit in a central room and hence make use of high-definition video returned due to 5G in order to complete the operation in a remote manner – which of course would refer to an improvement in working environment as well as operation efficiency.


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