Huawei to launch flagship P50 in H1 2021?

Huawei to launch flagship P50 in H1 2021

Huawei seems to be being targeted at both the hardware as well as the software front from the US government. Not only has the US government strongly advised other countries to opt out of Huawei’s 5G technology, but the reinforced restrictions that have been imposed by the state have meant that Huawei has had to struggle quite a lot so as to get access to its Kirin chipsets. However, the company still is trying its very best to survive in the global arena. Amidst such news, a new report now claims that Huawei is in fact on course to launch the nest P50 flagships next year.

Indeed the latest speculation surrounding the Chinese manufacturer now claims that it is planning to launch the next iteration of the P series in the first half of next year. The report also goes on to claim that the company is likely to use the Kirin 9000 SoC for the upcoming Huawei P50 series. Such news though is in contradiction to the statements that have been made by Huawei’s Consumer Business CEO in Yu Richard. Indeed the executive not so long ago claimed that the Huawei Mate 40 series could actually be the very last to sport the Kirin SoC.

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The latest speculation also claims that the display suppliers that are current engaged by Huawei include both Samsung Display as well as LG Display. And apparently, both are gearing up for production right now. Although the orders concerning the P50 are actually final, the rumors are stating that there happens to be no clarity if they will get orders for the Mate 40 series anytime soon.

With all this said and done though, there is no hiding the fact that Huawei was at the very peak of its powers before the US government came into a tussle with the Chinese company. The brand was performing very well both in the global market as well as its home market of China. The company managed to ship more than 240 million smartphones last year – and both the P series as well as the M series played a big role in the company managing such a feat. 


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