Huawei to use a new and innovative liquid lens in their next flagship device

Huawei Business Results

Chinese smartphone market leader and tech giant, Huawei has always been looking to stay ahead of the current competition in the market especially when it comes to competing with the camera quality of other smartphone OEMs. As of this year, the company has introduced  a new free form lens which has promised to give the users a much better results and new reports are suggesting that Huawei is in the final phase of testing their high quality liquid lens. 

Moreover, the new liquid lens is expected to greatly enhance the image stabilization aspect of the device as well as the focus. As per a new report from the Chinese media, focus time will be reduced to a few milliseconds, which is going to be on par with the quality that a human eye is able to process which is an amazing feat in the world of smartphone technology as well as science. 

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In contrast, the new technology will reportedly be implemented on a telephoto cameras first so instead of moving the lenses, it will  alter the shape of the moving liquid through differentiated voltage levels and in turn will produce a thing of magic. Moreover, the way in which this technology is able to work is still unknown, but it does involve the moving of a motor, a camera placeholder, and electronic hardware to which will allow the liquid lens to move about. 

In addition, the new liquid lenses will also expectedly, be more durable and greatly immune to shock as compared to the traditional non-liquid camera lenses. Tipster Digital Chat Station believes that this lens will be paired with the unannounced Sony IMX782 sensor which will also provide a worthy addition to the already impeccable quality that this lens promises to provide to the consumer. We expect to see an official announcement for this new liquid lens sometime next year.


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