Huawei TV set to launch in April with dual cameras So on of the largest cellphone companies in the world, and the currently the globe’s second largest smartphone manufacturer is looking ready to launch services in the TV industry as well, but unlike their main rivals in the Android market (Samsung and Xiaomi), the company have not yet entered the TV market. However, now it seems the company are ready to join in this industry, according to a report from a Chinese media agency, it is revealed that the company has finally decided to launch their first ever TV device.

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Furthermore, it is believed that many senior executives confirmed that the major Chinese manufacturing company will officially launch Huawei’s first TV line-up as soon as next month and according to the source, these new products will not just be any other TV out there, but, but they will giveusers an experience quite like a home hub,the TV will come along with special social and gaming features, ad we all knowthat this is the generation of cloud gaming and smart TVs, these new features will perfectlysuit the whole concept.

Now the upcoming TVs will not be entirely focusing on software-related features: according to a recent report, the new device will with some more interesting features as well.The dual cameras which havebeen included on the frame will be used for video the purposes of video-calling and streaming.


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