Huawei US ban not likely to go away under Biden

Huawei plan to open its biggest flagship store outside that of China

Huawei’s misfortunes started two years ago when the Trump administration took upon itself to place the company on an Entity list, hence banning it from doing business with US firms. With the recent change in guard in the country though, there was some hope that the newly installed Biden administration would show some leniency towards Huawei. The possibility of this though, seems bleak now that the President’s pick for Commerce Secretary in Gina Raimondo claimed that she sees “no reason” why Huawei and other Chinese companies should not continue to remain under the embargo.
She said : “I understand that parties are placed on the entity list and the military end-user generally because they pose a risk to US national security or foreign policy interests. I currently have no reason to believe that entries on those lists should not be there. If confirmed, I look forward to a briefing on these entities and others of concern.”
In reaction to these comments, a Chinese Foreign Minister said that the eastern country actually remains opposed to the sanctions which have been placed on its corporates by the US.
Meanwhile, with all this going on, Huawei is actually witnessing a major decline in its global smartphone market share. The Chinese company has gone on to lose its position in the top five smartphone vendors’ list, with a 35% drop in shipments when taking into account the fourth quarter of the last year.
With these latest developments in mind, it looks highly unlikely that Huawei will end up getting any reprieve from the stringent US sanctions anytime soon. Nonetheless, the Chinese manufacturer is indeed in the process of developing its very own operating system so as to offset the loss of Google Mobile Services (GMS). However, unfortunately enough for the company, this might not actually be enough to regain the lost user interest.


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