Huawei users to test Pie

Huawei users to test Pie
Huawei users to test Pie

There were a lot of talking points coming out of the IFA 2018, but one of the major stories which resulted from the event is: Huawei has announced the availability of its beta program, which is based upon the latest software provided by Google – the Android Pie – based EMUI 9.

Users from Huawei devices can now join in the beta program for the EMUI 9. However, these users are from select Huawei devices, not all. The beta program for EMUI 9 is on the basis of Android 9.0 Pie, and this not only brings about improvements focusing on speed, but also improvements focused around the necessity of simplicity.

If you have a Huawei phone, and are wondering whether or not the pie beta is open for you, then let me tell you all the Huawei phones which are eligible for the program – these phones range from the likes of the mate 10, to the likes of the mate 10 pro, the P20, and also the P20 Pro. However, this isn’t where the party ends. Huawei sub-brand Honor is also in content. Phones ranging from the likes of the Honor 10, to the likes of the Honor View 10, and the honor play will also be jointing the party.

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The EMUI 9 beta program will not be available in all the markets present in the world. This program will come in limited terms, however, as of now, it isn’t actually clear exactly which these markets are or will be. Huawei obviously has the power to limit the amount of users it accepts for the program, and if you’re interested in the program, then let me guide you on how to get started.

To join the program, you first of all need to go to Huawei’s Friendly user test page. From there, you will need to download the Huawei beta app, which can be done by clicking the download button. After installation, you will need to accept the terms and conditions, and you will need to sign up for an account, if the case stated is that you haven’t already. From there, go to personal, and then join project. There, you will have to select the EMUI 9 beta program, and finally, you will need to click sign up.

If you follow all the instructions that I have given, then it is expected that you will receive the necessary OTA update, which is required for you to get started with EMUI 9.


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