The Mobile World Congress (MWC) has been an event of exceptional technological advancements where tech companies from around the world gather together to show off the latest and greatest in the tech industry. With the event held in the beginning of every year, it gives a sneak peak at what can be expected from that year with companies sharing their yearly plans and making their customers aware that every year is going to top the excitement of the previous one. Similarly, Barcelona becomes centre-stage once again, as it begins to host one of the most anticipated events of the year! Huawei very own foldable phone leaked as MWC Nears

With numerous companies promising it, it seems like the foldable display will be the outright factor of competition between the companies as each one gives their own spin to the concept. Samsung has already unveiled its Galaxy Fold, and to counter that, Huawei is the first to get in line. The Mate-X, or that’s what it’s called on the leaked banner of Huawei at MWC, is dubbed as the ‘The World’s fastest foldable 5G Phone.’ It surely is a bold claim with Samsung begging to differ with its own powerhouse. But you never know with Huawei, who have a history of packing the latest and greatest in every other phone that they release.

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Huawei wouldn’t be very amused with the leak, but its fans surely are, as it increases the hype and excitement of new products.

Huawei also appears to be taking a different strategy than Samsung for the Mate X, folding the screen outward to convert the single larger display into usable screen on both sides of the closed phone, as opposed to the Galaxy Fold, which features two discrete screens: a smaller one on the outside and the larger, folding internal display.

One thing’s for sure, Huawei is ready to go toe-to-toe with Samsung on this one, and leave no leaf unturned and make it the best foldable phone out there!


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