Huawei wants industry cooperation

Huawei files lawsuit if its own

Huawei technologies is calling on the information and communications global technology services industry to cooperate for the sake of the development of next generation 5G networking solutions.

The rotating chairman of the Chinese brand has recently claimed that “5G has provided a considerable upgrade in mobile experience for consumers, and it’s already starting to empower different industries around the globe. Progress was much faster than we expected, especially in terms of subscriber base, network coverage, and sheer number of 5G terminals in the market.” The senior official has been reported to have made the statement during the Chinese tech giant’s 12th annual Global Mobile Broadband Forum which was subject to being held earlier in the week.

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It is interesting to note that the call for cooperation arrives after 5G networking has ended up seeing five years of commercial deployment. In the current moment in time, there are 176 commercial 5G networks all across the globe that end up offering services to more than 500 million customers. Moreover, the average download speeds that can be seen with respect to the latest generation of networking are in fact ten times in comparison to those which were seen with the 4G network – all of which of course has had a very decent impact in various fields.

At the moment, the enterprise market already has more than 10,000 projects which are in the process of exploring B2B applications of 5G. This includes the likes of manufacturing, as well as the likes of mining, and port businesses which have indeed managed to pass the trials, which are fields of course that Huawei has recently been shifting its focus towards. The executive further ended up claiming that : “Right now more than half of these 10,000 5G to B (5G to business) and projects are in China. We have a huge number of use cases already, but we need to build more sustainable business cases.”


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