If you’ve been interested in Huawei’s newest watch, then now is your chance to get your hands on it. The watch, called the ‘watch 2’ is now available in two colors, carbon black and concrete gray, and the price tag for the watch is 299.99 dollars. Huawei has stated that the availability dates might date might differ along with the retailer, however, the watch is indeed available on Amazon, bestbuy.com, Newegg, B&H photo video, and will also, in the future be available on 800 Best to buy retail locations, along with jet, target, and Walmart.

As an added bonus and an incentive for the customer, Huawei is giving away 10 weeks of free access to Google play music, however, this is only for a limited time.

In terms of the design, the watch 2 basically entertains more of a sportier look, rather than the classy, especially when compared to its predecessor. However, if you’re looking for something more classy, then there is good news because the Huawei watch 2 classics will also be available very soon, according to Huawei, in titanium gray, at a higher price of 369.99 dollars.

Coming back to the Huawei watch 2, it has got a quite a lot of decent features. It entertains a superb AMOLED display, a very good battery which lasts around 2 days, and a handy feature called watch mode, which lets you utilize the watch, in case you’re on low battery.

If you want a classier watch, then you’ll have to wait your turn when Huawei launches the watch 2 classics, because this watch isn’t as glamor and classy in terms of looks as one would think. The strap present on the watch gives it a cheap feeling, and when you’re spending such a significant amount of money on a watch, you wouldn’t want that, would you? But if you don’t hold the design in that huge of a regard, and just want a solid device, then this is the one for you.


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