The Huawei Watch 3 is the first smartwatch that runs HarmonyOS and is an excellent way to showcase the brand new operating system. Its performance is incredible fluid, and the crisp AMOLED display really showcases what the operating system can offer. 

There’s a huge selection of fitness apps pre-installed however, Watch 3 can’t yet compete with the similar offerings of Apple and Google with regards to other applications.

The absence of third-party applications is disappointing however, this will improve in the next few months. It’s a smartwatch that has plenty of potential however it isn’t able to do it all at present,

+High-res, bright AMOLED display-App availability is limited.
+Trustworthy GPS tracking-Heart rate monitoring can be in error
+eSIM compatibility-Sleep tracking requires work
+Time-saving voice controls

The Huawei Watch 3 is a stunningly attractive smartwatch it’s the first smartwatch to run Huawei’s HarmonyOS. It’s as smoothly and smooth however, as you’d expect it’s not completely polished as of yet. There’s only a handful additional apps that you can download with support provided by third party applications isn’t as extensive.

However, if you’re running an Android device and looking for huawei watches for sale then the Watch 3 is definitely a smartwatch that you should consider It’s also likely to get better and better as the ecosystem grows.

Watch 3 Watch 3 is built with fitness tracking in mind and includes a plethora of devices to track your daily health (including sleep as well as step counts , and SpO2) as well as your workouts. 

The heart rate monitor a bit unsteady during long training sessions, often recording unexpectedly high levels during intervals, but the location tracking was accurate during our run that we pre-measured, along with cadence and speed.

There’s a lot of potential with Watch 3. Watch 3; the hardware is stunning and the stunning display will lend itself well to navigation on the screen, and guided workouts featuring animated instructions. It’ll take longer for HarmonyOS to make its own, with greater variety of apps and better support for popular third-party apps.

Prices and availability

  • Available now
  • Aucun US release is expected
  • Pro version is also available

Huawei Watch 3 Huawei Watch 3 was released in select regions in June 2021 and prices start at £279.99. It’s roughly $390/AU$530 However, there’s no US release is anticipated and the Australian launch date has been awaited to be confirmed.

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We tried the standard Huawei Watch 3, but there’s a more expensive version called it’s called the Huawei Watch 3 Pro – which comes with additional features , including dual-band GPS for better accuracy, as well as a longer battery longevity. 

The Watch 3 Pro also comes with a more expensive price, beginning at £499.99 (about 690 dollars or $940 dollars).


  • Crown rotating
  • Big case
  • Bright, crisp , AMOLED display

In terms of style in terms of design, it is a striking design. Huawei Watch 3 is a major departure from the large Watch 2, instead bearing an almost complete similarity in design to Watch GT with a large and glossy display, with minimal bezels and glass that curves around the edges to connect with the edges of the.

Its Huawei Watch 3 active version (tested here) features a 46mm case and comes with an black silicone band that’s not as soft as Apple Watch 6, but it’s still comfortable. Apple Watch 6, but it’s still comfy. 

The band comes with quick-release pins that allow you to quickly change it over to something more attractive, and it’s secured with a standard buckle instead of the loop-and tang design that is becoming more fashionable with smartwatches and fitness trackers.

If you’re looking for something slightly more elegant for your everyday or formal ear, you can choose the classic version (with silver-toned cases with a leather strap or weaved nylon strap) and an exclusive edition (with the silver-toned case and a metal chain).

Watch 3 Watch 3 has just two physical controls: a tiny button that allows you to move backwards in menus, or bring you back your home screen and a crown can be pressed to choose options and applications or rotate to scroll through menus and text which was missing in previous models, like the Huawei Watch 2.

It’s a system which works well. Scrolling with the crown is smooth and fast. It’s also large enough to allow typing using the Watch 3’s on-screen keyboard, even though it’s rather fiddly. However, you’ll be grateful for the autocorrect function.

The main feature of the Watch 3 is the 1.43in AMOLED display. It is bright and clear that lets you view many different types of information or text all at once. 

There’s an array of watches faces to pick from within the Huawei Health app, many of which are animated to highlight the screen, but it’s important to keep in mind that the majority of them are purchased, and vary expensive.

Huawei Watches feature Smartwatch functions

  • eSim support
  • Great time-saving tool
  • Few extra apps (so far)

It’s a great watch. Huawei Watch 3 is heavily focused on fitness (which we’ll go over in more depth in the near future) however, it offers a variety of features which make it a useful daily smartwatch, particularly when you own an Android phone. Using it’s an Apple Watch is out of the possibility.

If you have the electronic SIM installed, you can call and make calls as well as listen to music and download apps with no active Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile (ideal to exercise with your phone) however, even without this, there’s plenty to be admired, especially in terms of time-saving.

Battery life

  • Charger magnetic
  • Lasts for 2-3 weeks between charge

Watch 3 Watch 3 is charged via an electronic puck, similar to the Apple Watch 6. In contrast to Apple’s chargers Huawei’s comes with an USB-A connector instead of USB-C.

Huawei claims that its watch will last about 14 days when it is in energy-saving mode and three days in smartwatch mode , with all features on (again as with Apple Watch 6), but in our testing, we discovered that it was just a bit short, running around two and a half hours in the case of recording a daily workout as well as daily step count and heart rate.


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