During the Mate 40 series launch conference, Huawei’s Consumer Business CEO in Yu Chengdong spent some time talking about the US ban and also as to how Huawei was coping with this third round of ban. He proceeded on to admit that this is indeed a difficult time for his company, as he claimed that the ban imposed by the US is in fact unfair.

The CEO though emphasized that the Chinese company will indeed continue to innovate and will not at all give up. He has been reported to have said : “For Huawei, no matter how difficult the situation is, we promise to continue to carry out technological innovation, bring the best technology and innovation to consumers, improve people’s lives, and improve everyone’s work efficiency. We will keep our promise, thank you everyone’s trust and support.”

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Of course these recent comments by the executive belonging to the company have been made in light of the fact that the US government effectively cut off Huawei from the supply of System-on-chips, memory, flash memory as well as other components that have in fact been manufactured using US tech in its latest ban which took effect on the 15th of last month. This happens to be the third round of the ban the company has been on the receiving end of. The situation has escalated to such an extent now that even the Japanese and the Korean suppliers will actually have to apply for licenses in the US.

The situation of course for Huawei is now more worrying than ever – this in line with the fact that the Chinese manufacturer might not have access to chip for its flagship mobile phones in six months time. For now, we do not know as to how the company plans to counter this particular situation and the CEO also did not specifically outline the company’s plan in this regard.


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