Huawei Y7 prime 2018 the new Budget King with Dual rare Camera. In the rapidly progressing world of technology, where other mobile companies are competing with each other by their new features along with exciting software updates. Huawei is also not skipping any chance to launch its better versions to maintain a safe and better relationship with its customers. Recently, Huawei has introduced its new smartphone that is Huawei Y7 Prime at a very affordable price.


This phone is available in merely 19,999 which is approx. $ 173.

Let’s have a look at its specifications.

Everyone has the desire to invest his money in an appropriate way that the product becomes their favorite thing instead of regret. And when thinking about the mobile phone the very first thing clicks in the mind is definitely the look of the cell phone. If that is attractive and stylish then obviously you would love to own this gadget.


Huawei Y7 prime 2018 possess a possess a 5.99 inches display screen with a smooth touchscreen having the resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels that is approximately 269 PPI.

The material used is shiny plastic giving it an elegant and sleek look. the screen to body ratio is about 76 percent whereas EMUI is 8.0. well, if looking at these characteristics the phone is very decent to hold any kind of better in pixels.














According to me, the pixels should be more clear to make it much better.  The corners of the phone are rounded and the weight of the phone is 155 g. This does not look heavy or unsatisfactory when coming to the weight of the phone. So, I would say it is a wonderful gadget with this feature of the slim style.

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Many of us are worried about the storage of our mobiles. There comes a time when you are frustrated by deleting and making space for new upcoming again and again. So, a huge plus of the Huawei Y7 Prime is the availability of 32 GB internal memory along with the 3 GB RAM which is quite smooth in multitasking in a limited time and supports things easily.

The slot for extra memory storage is also present for the micro SD card with the capability of supporting up to 256 GB. Definitely, it would not be the problem anymore if you are buying Huawei y7 prime this time as storage is as much as you desired for is available.


If you are thinking that mobile phone is there with kind of low quality in audio giving a bit low sound then let me tell you its no more a dream now. Huawei is making it possible day by day, by maintaining their quality in speakers in their smartphones.  At the bottom, speakers are present on both sides with the clear and audible quality giving you the best experience while listening to the music and watching the videos etcetera.

I will appreciate the suitable location of speakers along with the high quality of sounds which is totally acceptable when comes to the mobile phones especially at this reasonable price. There is also a 3.5 mm jack is available for the headphones insertion along with the quality of active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic making it much more enjoyable to use.


Now before talking about the camera the point which is considered by users is that camera should be classy and have the best capturing quality. So duh !! Huawei y7 prime is no more an ordinary smartphone with some ordinary features but the camera is the ever best thing happened this time. I must say they are paying attention towards their quality and satisfaction of customers not merely competing with other companies.

                                                                                 Indoor Camera Result

Let’s talk about the rear camera first. The rear camera is of 13 MP along with the Secondary one of 2 MP providing the best focus and visible quality. LED flashlight makes it’s a fun capturing even in the low light areas but a bit problem is a little grainy feels in the dark. Maybe they should focus more on the quality in the presence of darkness as it will definitely provide an awesome clicking without worrying about the directions of lights as well.

                                                                                            Night Camera Result

And the rear camera also carries the choices of face detecting, auto-focus and other themes like panorama, HDR and geo-tagging etc. the presence of relatively better themes for the pictures make you carefree about installing and searching for other applications to download for applying them of the pictures. So this will be better for your internal extra memory as well.

Capturing photos in the daylight are just incredible. The saturation and color contrasts and clarity are just appreciable. No any grainy pores or destroyed visions are present. I would say that Huawei is doing much better than before and thinking about the betterment more seriously than ever.

                                                                         Outside low light Camera Result

Okie it was enough for the rear camera. In the era of selfies, would you mind purchasing a phone with not bad but not better front camera? Indeed the answer is no.  Y7 prime’s front camera is of 8 MP and quite clear and possessing adjustable modes according to your requirements.  The brightness and softness are all under your control now. It is no more a boring selfie device bothering you with the clarity. But the negative thing about to mention is the absence of front flashlight.

In the dark or low lights area the idea of taking a selfie is totally flop. The presence of front flashlight can make it much better and enjoyable. Huawei should think about this too because it would be the best addition of this feature in their phones of this price.

Overall, the camera is quite good with the better-capturing capacity.


The battery is non-removable and is of 3000 mAH with a long standby capacity. The ever best thing is the battery and long-lasting. It takes a bit time in charging but stays longer than others.


1.4 GHz octa-core processor with Qualcomm 430 snapdragon. Android is 8.0 oreo and EMUI is 8.0 as well. It has the ability to support all the applications smoothly and easily which is quite compatible with the processor making it the best version of itself. I did not find any flaws with the software as it was supporting it effectively.


Another unique aspect of this phone is its Security features, especially if we talk about the Mobile Phones where we have our personal data which is very important for us, and if the mobile phone is snatched or stolen, that personal data is on risk, it can be breached easily and later be easily blackmailed. Below are some security features of this phone.

1: Face Unlock

2: Fingerprint

3: Screen lock & Passwords

Is there any fingerprint sensor is available?

Yes, the fingerprint sensor is available behind the camera right in the middle of it making it easily accessible to users with the experience of a smooth touch.

Is there any choice of colors available in the phone or you will have to compromise over it?

Yes, Choices of colors is available which is literally classy. But the mystic blue color is fresh in the market in Huawei series. Otherwise, black and gold are also available.

Any sensors available?

 Yes, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Compass, Fingerprint sensors are available.

Which network connections is this capable of supporting?

It can support 3G and 4G signals, WI-FI direct and WI-FI hotspot as well as a good signal strength quality.

Who should buy this phone?

According to me, the Huawei Y7 Prime is suitable for everyone even though if the person is professional or the teenagers who are habitual of playing games and video games or any person who is more likely to watch videos, movies, and songs on phone. Because of the speakers and the extended battery life.

I would say, that in this price with some wonderful features Huawei y7 Prime is worth spending money.


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