Ren Zhengfei – who happens to be both the CEO as well as the founder of Huawei Technologies has actually recently gone on to state that the company actually has to scale back on its enterprise businesses and focus more so on its strategic areas.

In accordance with a report following in from GlobalTimes, the senior official belonging to the Chinese tech giant proceeded on to state this to the staff via the aid of a recent internal email. And so the suggestion is certainly there that Huawei might actually further adjust its strategies so as to better face the challenges as well as the competition that exists. The CEO said : “Because we are a company with limited power, we must do well and fine-tune the projects we are going to do. We must seize opportunities in the areas we can focus our energies, and do a good job in a down-to-earth manner. Only then can we truly find a better solution than others.”

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The founder also took upon himself to talk about the Chinese brands cloud computing business and even said that the brand must learn from the likes of Amazon and Microsoft. As per what the founder had to say, Huawei must use its 30 years’ worth of network experience as a unique advantage in the cloud computing market and hence standout in the industry. He further added though “But Huawei can’t take the same path as Alibaba and Amazon, since we don’t have endless money from the US stock market like them.”

The statements that have been given out by the CEO certainly go on and suggest that he believes that Huawei must “go all out” to build a large application ecosystem like Amazon so as to grow its Huawei cloud business. The sentiment is there that Huawei also has to downscale on its enterprise business and focus more towards the prospect of strengthening its software and application ecosystems which would actually be more beneficial for the brand right now.


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