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Huawei’s plan to open its biggest flagship store outside that of China

The latest batch of reports are now suggesting that Chinese smartphone giant Huawei wants to cement its global presence stronger amidst a tussle with the US. A report by Reuters claims that the company is planning on building its largest store outside that of China : in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi government has claimed that the Chinese manufacturer has actually signed a leasing contract with the country’s Kaden Investment. Apparently, this contract is for the new flagship store that the company plans on opening in Riyadh. If indeed completed, then this would represent Huawei’s largest store outside that of China.

Back in June of last year, Huawei also opened up its largest flagship store in Shanghai, China. This store happens to be located Nanjing Building with a business area of nearly 5000 square meters. Prior to this, the company also opened up its first global flagship store in that of Shenzhen, China – with such proceedings taking place back in 2019.

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Nonetheless, the report doesn’t exactly mention any facts so as to how large the store might end up being or indeed its launch date. Either way though, this development comes at a time when there is a grave demand for digital products and services in the Arabian Kingdom. Saudi’s internet usage will be accessible to 82.6% of the entire population – and if this does turn out to be the case, then it would represent an increment of 9.4% from 2017.

The opening of the store might also end up being the break that Huawei needs – thanks to the large number of challenges that it has faced so as to retain the sales figures outside that of China – courtesy of the pressure put on by the US government. The brand has already lost its position as being the world’s largest smartphone company to Samsung after briefly capturing this position back in Q2. The company has also been facing a large number of challenges in providing its 5G technology to other countries as the US has actively been pressuring them not to encourage Huawei.


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