Spillway at Hub Dam has been opened after torrential rainfall in the catchment zone in the catchment area of Hub Dam filled the water reservoir to the top and raised the level of water to 339 feet ARY News reported on Sunday.

The water is discharged from the spillway the waterworks flows into the Hub River, the natural boundary that separates Sindh as well as Balochistan.

The general public isn’t permitted to enter the dam and river.

In the last week, a spokesperson for the Karachi Water Board had said that the level of the water in the Hub Dam has risen to 338 feet at present. The spillway in the reservoir will be opened when the level of water in the reservoir has reached 339 feet, he said.

The rise in the reservoir’s water level will boost the supply of water within Orangi, Baldia and other adjacent areas of Karachi’s District West, which receives water from the Hub reservoir.

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Karachi receives 100 million gallons of water per day through Hub Dam. The Karachi’s West as well as Central districts are facing a severe water shortages as the water availability from the reservoir falls to a minimum.

The Hub River’s catchment area Hub River is spread across hundreds of kilometers across Balochistan as well as Sindh.

Hub Dam Hub Dam, located 56 km away from Karachi and with a total capacity of 339 feet can be extended to 24,300 acres and has a the capacity to store 8,57,000 acre-feet of water.

It is the third-largest dam in Pakistan and is a significant source of water for Karachi.


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