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Protests Against Macron Increases, Huge Rally In Bangladesh

A huge number of protesters walked through the Bangladesh capital on Tuesday in the greatest enemy of France rally since President Emmanuel Macron guarded distribution of portrayals portraying Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

Muslims over the world have responded angrily to Macron’s guard of the option to deride religion following the homicide of a French teacher who had indicated his students portrayals of the Prophet (PBUH). 

In Syria individuals consumed photos of France’s chief, tricolor banners were burnt in the Libyan capital Tripoli, while French products have been pulled from market racks in Qatar, Kuwait and other Gulf states. 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan analyzed the treatment of Muslims in Europe to that of Jews before World War II, joining requires a blacklist of French merchandise which Paris said had negligible effect up until this point. 

In Dhaka, dissenters set land a model of Macron during Tuesday’s walk, in which police said 40,000 individuals partook. 

Protests Against Macron Increases Huge Rally In Bangladesh
Protests Against Macron Increases, Huge Rally In Bangladesh

Many outfitted officials utilized a spiked metal blockade to stop the protestors, who scattered without viciousness before they could draw near to the French government office. 

The convention was called by the Islami Andolon Bangladesh (IAB), one of the nation’s biggest strict gatherings, and began at the greatest mosque in the country. Bangladesh is around 90% Muslim. 

“Blacklist French items,” protestors shouted. 

Ataur Rahman, a senior Islami Andolon part, told the convention at the Baitul Mukarram mosque: “Macron is one of only a handful hardly any pioneers who love Satan.” 

Rahman approached the Bangladesh government to “kick out” the French represetative, while another dissent chief, Hasan Jamal, said activists would “destroy each block of that building” if the agent was not requested out. 

“France is the adversary of Muslims,” said Nesar Uddin, a youthful head of the gathering. “The individuals who speak to them are likewise our foes.” 

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As the reaction against the French president extended, pioneers from European countries including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Greece mobilized behind Macron. 

The European Union cautioned that Erdogan’s blacklist call was a further difficulty to Turkey’s now slowed down offer to join the alliance. 

In any case, the outrage in Muslim nations gave no indication of decreasing. Tehran gathered a senior French agent, the charge d’affaires, and the Saudi unfamiliar service posted on Twitter a message that reviled “the hostile sketch of the Prophet (PBUH)”.


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