From adding up offline support to initiation a live TV option, Hulu is not messing around when we talk about video streaming. That tendency continues with the addition of Cinemax and HBO to Hulu’s rising list of partners.

The best element of the announcement is regardless of which Hulu subscription plan you have, Cinemax and HBO are $9.99 and $14.99 per month add-ons, correspondingly. Apart from of the add-on, Hulu subscribers will have right to use to its live and on-demand libraries. As a pleasant bonus, those who give for the HBO add-on can employ their Hulu identification to log into the HBO Now app.

A bit of well print about the announcement is you can just watch HBO and Cinemax on devices where Hulu’s updated user experience is accessible. That catalog includes Android, iOS, Xbox One, and Apple TV, although it will expectantly get bigger a bit over time.

An additional hitch is not every one of HBO’s and Cinemax’s channels are offered out the gate. Over the upcoming few weeks, the likes of HBO 2HBO Latino, HBO Comedy, HBO Signature HD, HBO Family, HBO Zone, MoreMAX HD, xMovieMAX HD, 5StarMax HD, HBO Family, and OuterMAX HD will be added. For now, you can way in material from the main HBO and Cinemax services.

Even though Hulu has reward to be thrilled about with this declaration, the real champion might be HBO, which you be able to now subscribe to throughout many different outlets regardless of a cable package. That figure is expected to boost over time, which helps point HBO in a desirable and profitable position.



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