Humanity Being Challenged as Hafeez Center Catches Fire; People Increase Rent of Surrounding Plazas

Hafeez Center

“Hafeez Center has endured harms worth Rs. 1.5 billion because of the fire,” said Syed Roohan Sajjad, a PC retailer working out of Hafeez Center, while conversing with ProPakistani on Tuesday. 

He said that the Hafeez focus dealers’ association has up to this point just requested that the retailers submit structures with insights concerning the acquired harms so the association can examine the issue with the administration. 

Sajjad claims shop no. 12, a PC retailer shop on the second floor of the court. His shop was directly inverse to the PC fixing shop no. 67 and 68 where the fire purportedly began. While the reason for the fire is yet to be learned, Sajjad imagines that the reason might be flawed wiring. 

He said that in 2017, the square was made halfway cooled after which there were heaps of uncovered wires everywhere on the structure. “Around two months after Covid-19 lockdown, when the court resumed, the power separated regularly. At the point when the climate control systems were turned on in the late spring, the breakers couldn’t take the heap and the intensity of the whole court would go out,” he said. 

The fire began around 5 am Sunday morning. I came to by 6 am. Up to that point just three shops had burst into flames, and the salvage group was at that point nearby. Be that as it may, they didn’t have the necessary rigging to go into the fire and put it out. It was not until roughly early afternoon that the fire detachment, with all the fundamental hardware, got to the scene. Even from that point onward, the water availability and weight were insufficient. Their load of water wrapped up when one shop’s fire was out. It took a few hours until water stream and weight were fixed. 

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Adding to the misfortunes of the brokers from Hafeez Center – and this one is likely their own duty – the greater part of the retailers, merchants, and wholesalers working in the shopping center didn’t have protection. Sajjad educated that the merchants association won’t help with recuperating the misfortunes. 

“Hafeez Center was built 30 years prior. It involves wellbeing and security that it is crushed and re-built at this point.” However, he likewise educated that the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has given the structure a green sign in its starter investigation. A subsequent examination is still due and it is likely the court will be closed down for business for roughly another fortnight. 

Meanwhile, the dealers who claimed shops in Hafeez Center are looking to other adjoining structures to move their shops. 

Sajjad disclosed that three structures around Hafeez Center – IT Tower, Jeff Heights, Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall – are being searched out by the individuals who had shops in the burned building. “I alongside other PC retailers have just given the symbolic cash to Al-Hafeez shopping center to incidentally move our business there. In any case, these courts are additionally now utilizing the fire occurrence for their potential benefit and have expanded rents by numerous folds.” 

He educated that he leased a shop in Jeff Heights two months prior at Rs. 13,000. Be that as it may, since the fire, the shop directly inverse to it has been leased at somewhere close to Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 50,000. 

The fire broke out in the business center on Sunday morning and seriously harmed in any event 500 shops just as stockrooms of Mobile telephones, workstations, and embellishments worth millions. Lahore Police Commissioner Zulfiqar Ahmed Ghuman has established a 14-part request panel to investigate the occurrence and guided it to present a starter report inside 24 hours. 

The board of trustees, involving officials from the Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore (MCL) and Rescue 1122, will find out the “fundamental reasons for the fire occurrence”, decide loss of property, look at infrastructural stability just as evaluate the viability of crisis reaction by the concerned office.


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