Humans Need Not Apply is a short Internet documentary film2014, written, directed, produced, and amazingly edited by CGP Grey. The film portrayed the outlook of the amalgamation of automation into economics, as well as the universal workforce. A YouTube video online format was released by Grey.

The 15 minutes documentary focuses on the topic of robots’ quickly escalating usefulness through human society, discussing how computerization will direct to a future where “humans need not apply”, in regards to their jobs. Early on, Grey makes an analogy unfolding how humans once put out of place horses from their jobs, by generating automatic muscles, such as automobiles, sending away the argument that humans will constantly find new work, seeing as horses are not all but as much used now. Grey finishes the analogy by linking the formation of mechanical minds, or “brain labor”, will guide to robots ousting humans out of their occupations.

Documentary also demonstrated the role of how economics is the power behind a future based on automation. Grey wrap up by stating that 45% of the labor force could be replaced by bots, a number which is both comprehensive of professional, white-collar, and low-skill blue collar occupations and higher than the 25% unemployment figure of the Great Depression.

Grey talked about that even creative occupations are not safe and secure, as he mentions the included bot-composed music in the background of his video.

 Now as the autos are approaching and they’re the primary place where the majority of people will truly see the robots changing society. But there are many other places in the economy where almost the same thing is happening, just not as much of noticeably.

As it goes with autos, so it will go for everything dude.

Even ignoring the dilemma of pushing a hundred million extra people through higher education, white-collar work is no safe haven either. If your occupation is sitting in front of a monitor and typing and clicking -possibly you’re supposed to be doing right now – buddy, the bots are coming for you too.

Well, I’d strongly recommend taking 15 minutes to watch this impressive video.


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