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Hyundai set to launch 3 locally assembled cars this week

The stage is set for the Pakistan International Auto Show, which is the largest auto show in Pakistan and this show is set to commence  from Friday at the Lahore International Expo Centre.

In the show we shall be able to see all companies who are currently producing cars in the local market as well as the international market show off their auto-mobiles in this year’s mega event and one company to keep an eye out for would definitely be Hyundai, who only recently re-entered the Pakistani car industry to introduce a few models which will give Honda and Toyota a run for their money. The company have not yet officially launched a locally assembled car yet but with that in mind it should be noted that word is going about with pictures going viral which in turn show various Hyundai cars being tested on the roads of Pakistan. 

While the company is yet to launch a car in Pakistan, experts believe that this may well change and word has it that the company is looking ready to launch not one but three new cars at the event as per a high-ranking source at the company. Hyundai will unveil three locally assembled cars and these are expected to be production-ready, i.e. the company will be unveiling cars which are ready and able to be produced in the local market. 

In addition to that, this source also said that the company is all set to make a mark at the event which is set to impress all those present at the event. If anything, this event will be an amazing one, as we are slowly starting to see the big guns come forward with their amazing selection of cars.  While there’s no confirmation from the company on the models set to be unveiled, fans expect the SUV Tucson, Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Sonata to be launched at this event.


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