I Quit My Clevel Job To Start A Business: Inspiring Amer Aman spoke at Startup Grind Lahore

I Quit My Clevel Job To Start A Business: Inspiring Amer Aman spoke at Startup Grind Lahore
I Quit My Clevel Job To Start A Business: Inspiring Amer Aman spoke at Startup Grind Lahore

Startup Grind Lahore is very proud to host Mr Amer Aman. He is an inspiring business Leader with over 29 Years of Experience of General Management and more than 11 Years as a Commercial Expert having worked in The Telecom Industry with Mobilink and Warid, he is the founder and CEO of Flash Network SolutionsPrivate Limited Since August 2016 as well as Supper House.Flash Networks ( Pvt ) Limited company is a parent company with multiple projects under its banner. Hailing from Peshawar, doing his MBA from LUMS as part of its ‘87 batch, with over two decades worth of experiences, he’s truly an impeccable personality to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about success and failure.

Moderated by Chapter Director of Startup Grind Lahore, Mr Iftikhar Hussain, this session proved insightful for the audience. Thesession was collaborated with amazing partners like Daftarkhawn, Fabi Studios, Supper House& Google for Startups.

Startup Grind Lahore started off with an introduction about his life and how he worked tirelessly to be where he is today, adding the things he learned working in the corporate as well as government sector.

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When asked about the diversity he’s exhibited in his career moves, he exclaimed, “If you stay in one position or one company for too long you become too comfortable, I for one, was always someone who liked to be challenged that’s why I continued to move, to learn and to grow in the face of adversity.”  He further went on to point out a crucial difference between being an entrepreneur working for a company, he stated, “ I worked 10-12 years had a million rupee package, a good job but I knew that any one day if I’m asked to leave I would have nothing to fall back on. What legacy would I have to leave when I’ve been working for someone else, which is when I decided to find the courage to move forward.”

During this in-depth discussion Mr Aman, used his experience in the corporate sector and his innate talent to spot shifting trends in consumer demand, to provide practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, he stated, “If you’re moving into entrepreneurship and investing, don’t invest more than 30%, be practical about your investment.”

He pressed for the people present to really tap into the potential of Pakistan, especially the untapped areas, which he has seen to benefit himself with his brand. He further went on to reiterate this need to carefully monitor market trends and not to bandwagon with the growing trend, but to really make an informed decision about what you want to do.

Towards the end the event was a huge success, filled with interesting questions and inspiring conversations.

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