It is without a doubt that over the past decade the top sports played around the world has seen some drastic and controversial measures taken within the respective sport that has seen the worldwide respect of that governing body take a hit. For those who didn’t get an idea, I am talking about football and cricket. The governing bodies like the ICC (International Cricket Council) and FIFA has made several decisions that have put them under a strict spotlight. There was a major crackdown in FIFA’s board of hierarchy with many officials charged for corruption with the bid of letting Qatar host the 2022 World Cup which would mean that the World Cup is to be hosted in November, making it the first of its kind and disrupting the entire league schedule. However, the topic of today’s article is ICC and India influential role in its dealings.

The introduction of IPL found a huge influx of funds for the BCCI, the Board of Control for Indian Cricket, that led to a major power shift leaving ICC at the disposal of the BCCI which later collaborated with England and Australia to form the Big Three, which meant that all major cricketing decisions and revenues were to be sorted accordingly with the earlier decisions of dividing equal shares dismissed.


Throughout the World Cup this year, ICC has been very active in promoting the event on social media and had the players in for casual chats and games. One thing that a lot of people noticed, was how the Indian team was promoted on Social media with extremely biased posts causing a stir in the international cricket community. The very evidence of that being India vs South Africa and the ICC post showing Virat Kohli as a king with dates of India winning the world cups alongside and the post saying “#TeamIndia#CWC19”. With no mention of South African quality of play anywhere. This didn’t go well as even Michael Vaughan, an England cricket Legend commented with a sarcastic tone, “Nothing like impartiality!!”.

ICC was soon to counter with a post showing Kohli’s stats. Well, as always ICC didn’t get the point.

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