The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday requested fixing of the Navy Sailing Club on the Rawal Lake, saying the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the maritime authority couldn’t clarify any conceivable support for the development of such a rewarding structure at the bank of a water repository. 

The request was given by IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah during the knowing about an appeal recorded against the development of the naval force club and obstructing of the free to Rawal Lake. 

“At first sight, the control of the land and development of building subsequently are unlawful and infringing upon the implemented laws. It is, hence, requested that till the following date fixed the government, through the secretary bureau, and the executive, Capital Development Authority, will seal the premises,” the court requested. 

The court guided the bureau division secretary to put the issue before the government bureau at its next gathering for thought in light of the fact that the authorized laws are not being actualized and that authorization has been kept to normal residents. 

Says control of land, development of building is unlawful and abuses implemented laws 

“This diverse treatment is unsatisfactory and has gotten a matter of routine in the previous multi decade. After the issue has been considered by the bureau, the secretary bureau will present a report at the latest July 30, 2020, advising this court about choices taken by the bureau in regards to the horrifying condition of execution and requirement of sanctioned laws, which definitely prompts infringement of essential rights,” the court requested. 

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Dr Shahid Mehmood, CDA part (arranging), who showed up in consistence with the court’s July 16 request, was asked whether the business building had been built by the Pakistan Navy in the wake of getting endorsements/NOCs required to be gotten under the Capital Development Authority Ordinance, 1960, and guidelines. 

He was at first reluctant to answer the inquiry, however later yielded that no endorsement was gotten from the capable power. 

When asked whether the land involved by the naval force had been designated, and assuming this is the case, the distribution letter may have been submitted, Mr Mehmood said the land was not dispensed. He said the zone was naturally delicate and conceded that obligatory prerequisites,under the Environmental Protection Act, 1997, were not agreed to before beginning the development of the unlawful structure, which was purportedly being utilized as a club and that too for business purposes. 

IHC Calls For Sealing Of Navy Sailing Club
IHC Calls For Sealing Of Navy Sailing Club

The court saw that the announcement made for the benefit of the controller — the Capital Development Authority — was to be sure disturbing and brought up major issues with respect to the status of rule of law and negligence for shielding an earth touchy territory from hurt. 

“The Capital Development Authority seems to have fizzled in its legal obligation or it is careless. It is noticed that nobody can be permitted to overstep the law. Nobody is exempt from the rules that everyone else follows and each resident must be dealt with similarly. It has been reliably seen that it has become a standard for the Capital Development Authority and different organizations to quickly make a move against the individuals who are normal residents and who don’t have the way to impact, while the advantaged and elites are being dealt with in an unexpected way. This is inadmissible for a majority rule commonwealth represented under a Constitution which ensures key rights,” the court noted.


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