• IHC affirms that it is confident that PM Imran Khan will not disclose information that violates the an oath.
  • IHC states that the prime minister is was bound by Official Secrets Act, 1923.
  • The PM claimed that a letter containing a threats from foreign powers was written by a Pakistani representative.

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court (IHC) Wednesday expressed hope that the Prime Minister Imran Khan will not make an “secretive” memo which, according to officials “threatens” its sovereignty.

In a formal order, IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah declared that the court is certain that, as a premier, Imran Khan would not divulge any information or conduct an act in violation of the article 5 under the Official Secrets Act, 1923 or breach the oath he took in the Constitution.

“Any decision made by the Premier Minister must to be in line of his duties as a holder pursuant to the Official Secrets Act, 1923 and also in the spirit and letter of the oath he takes to take this office.” in the order written.

The court stated that it has “trust and faith” that the premier will not divulge any information that could be harmful towards the interests of national security or the integrity of Pakistan and that he will act in any manner that could be in violation of his vow.

It was noted that the IHC CJ mentioned that if the court decides to issue an order to restraining it will “unjustifiably show a lack of confidence in a president who was elected.”

“Letter carrying threat was written by a Pakistani ambassador’

Just prior to the order that was made, Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan according to sources, claimed that an Pakistani ambassador stationed in a foreign nation made the note that was shown on March 27 at a rally, and called the memo “threatening”.

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The premier, when interacting with journalists, stated that the envoy had written an email to Pakistan after meeting an official from an overseas country, as per sources.

PM Imran Khan stated that the memo was sent to the military’s top leaders, as per sources, and he also said the tone of the message is “threatening”.

The prime minister stated that the memo will be made available to lawmakers during an in-camera session. However, the prime minister said that Pakistan’s name as the nation which “threatened” Pakistan could not be disclosed, as laws on national security apply.

Minister for Planning Development, Special Initiatives Asad Umar, who was present at the briefing, as per sources, told reporters that the memo states that if the motion to no-confidence is approved, everything will be redeemed for Pakistan.

Umar also stated in the letter that “in the event of its inability the difficulties for Pakistan will only get worse.”

In his address on March 27 to an PTI gathering the prime minister disclosed the fact that “foreign forces” are behind the plots to take down the government. He further stated that “some members of the country’s citizens” are involved in this manner.

In a press event on Tuesday, Umar had said PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has teamed up in a “conspiracy” with foreign powerhouses and was associated with”the “conspiracy” of the PM Imran Khan.

The PML-N chief is in London and has had meetings with officials from “intelligence agencies from other nations”. The federal minister stated that”Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) leadership isn’t “unaware” regarding the issue.


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