In the wake of Pakistan’s recent defeat to Australia in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023, Imad Wasim, a prominent all-rounder in the Pakistani cricket team, made a remarkable assertion regarding Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam. During a local sports show, Imad Wasim expressed his concerns about Babar Azam’s performance, specifically emphasizing that Babar hasn’t secured a victory for Pakistan against a major team since 2019. This statement has ignited discussions and debates among cricket enthusiasts and experts, raising questions about Babar Azam’s role and responsibilities as the team’s leader.

Babar Azam’s Struggles on the Big Stage

Imad Wasim pointed out that the last memorable performance by Babar Azam in a major match was back in 2019 during the World Cup, where he scored a century against New Zealand. Considering that Babar is widely regarded as the number one batter in One Day Internationals (ODIs), the expectations are naturally high. As the captain, it falls on his shoulders to lead by example and secure victories for the team. However, with a noticeable absence of significant wins in his recent track record, concerns about his leadership have begun to emerge.

The Responsibilities of a Captain

In the realm of cricket, being a captain entails more than just strategizing and making decisions on the field. It also involves setting an example with one’s performance. As Imad Wasim rightly pointed out, a captain of Babar’s caliber is expected to be a match-winner. When a captain, particularly one as talented as Babar Azam, fails to deliver under pressure, it raises questions about his ability to carry the team on his shoulders.

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The Unfortunate Match Against Australia

The context for Imad Wasim’s comments stems from Pakistan’s match against Australia in the ICC World Cup 2023. In this crucial game, Pakistan found themselves in a challenging situation at 154-2 in 23.4 overs after the departures of Abdullah and Imam. At this juncture, a significant partnership was desperately needed to regain momentum and secure a win for the team.

Unfortunately, Babar Azam’s contribution in this match was far from significant. He was dismissed after scoring a mere 18 runs from 14 balls, failing to provide the necessary stability and leadership that the team needed at that critical moment. His wicket fell to Adam Zampa, courtesy of an exceptional catch executed by Pat Cummins, which further highlighted the missed opportunity.

A String of Wickets and a Disappointing Total

Following Babar’s departure, Pakistan’s hopes continued to dwindle as they lost wickets at regular intervals. The team ultimately found themselves all out for 305 runs in 45.3 overs, falling short of what could have been a competitive total.


In conclusion, Imad Wasim’s assertion regarding Babar Azam’s recent performance in major matches is a topic of concern and discussion among cricket fans and experts. As the captain of the Pakistani cricket team, Babar carries the weight of expectations to secure victories against top teams. While every player goes through rough patches, it’s essential for Babar Azam to bounce back, lead from the front, and demonstrate his capabilities as a match-winner in upcoming matches.


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