Just last year, Apple took upon itself to launch the Airpods Pro true wireless earphones – bringing about the active noise cancelation functionality to the company’s Airpods lineup. And now, the tech giant is actually expected to soon enough launch its successor – this time around with a different design.

In comparison to the current generation model, the upcoming Airpods Pro is expected to feature with a more rounder-shaped earphone design. It will indeed continue to have the in-ear design, hence offering active noise cancelation feature support.

As far as the charging case goes : the shape is pretty much the same as to what Apple currently goes on to offer. However, reports have in fact indicated that the carrying case may in fact be a bit more compact as well as lighter in weight in comparison to what the we see to the current model.

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Internally, the Aipods Pro second generation model in indeed expected to be powered by the Apple H1 chipset – which happens to be the same chipset that powers most of the Airpods series of devices – including the current generation of the Airpods Pro.

While the audio experience on offer is expected to be pretty much the same as to what the current model offer, it is expected though that the Airpods Pro 2 may make its way with some additional features – including the support for water resistance amongst other things.

There also happens to be present some reports which are actually indicating that the Airpods Pro may feature in two different sizes – one regular and one larger. However, as to know for sure what Apple has up its sleeve – we will have to wait for the official launch, which of course will take place in a couple months time.


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