Think of the banishment of some educational Institute! Does it seem something odd?  Obviously, it is.  But sometimes such steps becomes inevitable. And the same case is reported to be with Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore.

Earlier in this year,  we received the news of Higher Education Commission’s  order to Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore to halt further admissions from April.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has decided to ban Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore.

The decision has been taken after HEC observed some irregularities and mismanagements in its academic operations.

It is declared that if the college continues its operations steps will be taken and degrees offered from April 2017 will not be recognized by HEC.

All level degree programs have been banned with orders from HEC.

the reason for the step taken is the mismanagements as well as irregularities of the institution.  However, it is not clear by any means that which kind of irregularities and mismanagements did observe HEC.

Furthermore,  parents and students are also advised not to enroll in any of the levels/degree programs. However, they are also advised to take notice of the institution.

To check the list of recognized universities and sub-campuses, visit here.


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