Well folks it has been reported that the honorable government of Pakistan will allow the import of smartphones which may have been used in the past, these phones will be allowed in Pakistan. Furthermore in a cabinet meeting which will take place tomorrow on the 23rd of November, a policy draft will be presented to the PM Pakistan by the Ministry of Information and Technology Pakistan. Moreover if this draft gets accepted and implemented by the Government of Pakistan, then authorized distributors of the said phones and commercial importers will be able to import these used phones in to Pakistan in a legal way.

Moreover the Ministry of Commerce and the Federal Board of Revenue have come out and stated that in accordance with the current laws, the import of used smartphones is not allowed which in turn has led to a black market of used smartphones which in turn has caused a significant impact negatively on the amount of tax collected as these Smartphones are not technically falling in the in the tax net category which is not only encouraging the illegal purchase of such phones but is also causing the government to lose a significant sum in taxes collected.


Finally if the government does decided to allow the import of such used smartphones with legal authentication well then it can play a significant role in reducing the import bill. Federal Cabinet will cabinet will also approve measures to check and validate the smuggle of illegal phones, which includes an issuance of a new deadline day date for the successful verification of IMEI’s through PTA’s Device Identification process which is already underway and is said to be in the final stages before action is taken on the unverified phones left in the market. Moreover it has also been revealed that the Federal Cabinet will most likely approve an amnesty scheme for illegally imported smartphones.


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