Improved search, multiple audio tracks & Youtube courses are in testing.

Improved search, multiple audio tracks & Youtube courses are in testing.
Improved search, multiple audio tracks & Youtube courses are in testing.

Currently, Google is working on making it easier to search through YouTube videos so customers can use the service better. It is currently working on the development of educational courses as well as the availability of multiple audio tracks. This will enable users to be able to present content in a variety of languages as well. Many features are being tested, including YouTube courses, multiple audio tracks, easier searches, and many others. It is still being determined that these features will be available to everyone.

Youtube Easy Search

A new feature is being piloted by Facebook that enables you to search for a video from within the search application. When you search for something on Google and come up with video results, you will be able to tap on a button labeled “search in video,” which will allow you to type in a phrase so that you can check if it appears in the audio transcript for the topic you searched for. You will often find that it is generated automatically by YouTube. Let me explain to you what I mean by this. Undoubtedly, being able to search through a video’s automatically or manually generated transcript isn’t one of the most exciting features on the site. I know you have been doing it for some time on your desktop, and though it has been a manual process, you are still doing it now. It was as simple as opening the video, reading the transcript, and then using the search-on-page option in your browser.

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Youtube Courses

It has been announced that Jive has also introduced a new Course feature that will be available starting now. A series of educational videos, along with supplemental materials like PDFs and images, will be able to be sold by creators as an online subscription, allowing them to make money. The video will be located under the appropriate category in the videos section. There is a growing expectation among YouTubers that they will be able to provide courses to compete with other paid educational services, such as Skillshare and MasterClass. 


Youtube Multiple Audio Tracks

A second feature that the company is working on is also going to allow the company to make courses and other videos on YouTube more accessible across a wide variety of languages, whether they are spoken or written. A sonic track can be recorded in more than one language. This is just like the ability to record a stream in more than one language is possible with some streaming services and movies. Although the feature is still in its beta testing stage in partnership with some healthcare companies and hospitals in India, it will be released soon. In many ways, it works pretty similarly to the system for captions. When you click on the settings cog, then select the audio track menu, which will appear to you, you will be able to select all of the languages in which you can watch the video.

We are currently testing these features for a limited number of users in India, and they are currently rolling out to some of them. We will be able to take advantage of it in other countries. You can expect more updates shortly!


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