In a recent development, Imran Khan, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has reiterated his commitment to step back from his position if convinced by those in power that it would be advantageous for Pakistan. Speaking to his supporters via video link from his residence in Zaman Park, Lahore, Imran Khan announced his decision to initiate a dialogue by forming a committee. This committee is set to engage with influential individuals within the country on the following day.

Exploring Alternatives for the Benefit of Pakistan

Imran Khan expressed his sincere efforts in comprehending the potential benefits of holding elections in October. Despite his endeavours, the PTI chief confessed to the inability to grasp how Pakistan would gain from such an arrangement. He further emphasized his willingness to exit the political arena if his team is convinced by the proponents of the alternative plan. Imran Khan’s commitment to Pakistan’s welfare remains steadfast, and he seeks compelling reasons to embrace a new course of action.

Judiciary as the Last Beacon of Hope

Imran Khan acknowledged the Supreme Court of Pakistan as the last hope for the nation. He lamented the erosion of democracy within the country, citing a breach of the Constitution since May 14. Urging the judges of the highest court to unite and safeguard democracy, he stressed that history would not forgive them otherwise. Imran Khan conveyed a message of resilience and determination to his party members and supporters, urging them to face the challenges with courage and patience. Refusing to yield or accept defeat, he vowed to remain steadfast until the final moments. The PTI leader asserted that darkness cannot prevail indefinitely, and he would rather fight for freedom than submit to subjugation.

Suspension of Fundamental Rights

Highlighting the current state of affairs, Imran Khan raised concerns about the suspension of fundamental rights in Pakistan. He expressed his dismay over the imprisonment of over 10,000 PTI workers, the martyrdom of 25 individuals, and the bullet injuries suffered by hundreds of others. Comparing the treatment of PTI workers to prisoners of war, he criticized the absence of basic rights and the alleged bias in the judicial process. Imran Khan questioned the silence of human rights activists and the media in the face of ongoing atrocities, warning that no one would remain safe if such oppression continued unchecked. He emphasized that history has shown that attempts to crush an ideology through oppression are futile.

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Violations of Human Rights

Imran Khan shed light on the increasing violations of human rights, particularly the mistreatment of Shireen Mazari and other female members and supporters of his party. He deplored the unprecedented nature of the current situation, where release from custody is conditional upon publicly disassociating oneself from the PTI. Imran Khan revealed that PTI leaders have been threatened, including the safety of their children, to coerce their disassociation from the party. He warned that succumbing to such pressures would not only harm the PTI but also undermine democracy in the country.

Demand for Independent Investigation

Once again, Imran Khan demanded an independent investigation into the incidents of May 9, asserting that the true culprits would be exposed. He also commented on the Al-Qadir Trust Case, currently under investigation by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). Imran Khan clarified that the NAB accuses him of benefiting from an amount deposited in the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s account. He explained that this transaction was confidentially maintained at the decision of the federal cabinet, in line with an agreement between a prominent real estate tycoon and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA). The intention was to repatriate the funds laundered from Pakistan, and the cabinet aimed to secure this amount in the SCP account. Imran Khan suggested that if the NAB believed any wrongdoing had occurred, they should contest the case in a UK court to ensure transparency.


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