Imran Khan Expected Premiership getting positive responses. With major capitals of the world ready to work with the soon to be on the anvil Pakistan Tehreek Insaf government led by former cricketer Imran Khan, people from all walks of life are expressing their approval for what the Pakistani electorate has expressed through the ballot.

Despite that United States is concerned about flaws including “constraints placed on freedoms of expression and association during the campaign period that were at odds with Pakistani authorities’ stated goal of a fully fair and transparent election,” in the pre-voting electoral process, also expressed by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Heather Nauert said that Washington is on the same page with the European Union’s observation that “positive changes to the legal framework for elections in Pakistan” had been eclipsed by restrictions on freedom of expression & unequal campaign opportunities.

While Nauert spoke about the plans to seek opportunities to work with Pakistan’s new government to advance their goals of security, stability and prosperity in South Asia the US expressed deep reservations over the participation of terrorist-affiliated individuals in the elections alongside appraising Pakistanis for fully rejecting terrorist affiliated candidates, Imran khan’s well composed “parchi less” speech is also getting a positive attention.

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People from around the world have are congratulating in anticipation Imran Khan for his sure Premiership of Pakistan. It is worth mentioning here that how Imran Khan’s victory speech has touched the hearts of the masses in the subcontinent. Let us start from Rishi Kapoor who could not help saying “Well-spoken Imran Khan. I have been saying whatever you said on all channels past two days regarding India-Pakistan! I hope you succeed in making your “Mulk” have good relations with my “Mulk”…..

While Rishi Kapoor tweets hoping Imran improve relationships between the two rival nations, actors Gul Panag and Ayushmann Khurrana also show their support to the new premier of Pakistan and congratulate him with remarks of hope for a new era not only in the history of Pakistan but in the history of Indo-Pak relations.

Ayushmann Khurrana recalled Khan’s victory speech at 92 cricket World Cup that made his father predict Imran Khan’s Premiership one day in Pakistan. Ayushmann also said that now it is responsibility of Imran to bring peace and harmony in the subcontinent.

Another new – borne fan from India Javed Jafri called Khan a great sportsman and a social worker showing his believe that his potent Premiership will benefit Pakistan and India as well.

Imran aspired through his speech that he will improve ties with all the neighboring countries and showed his sadness for Bollywood’s depiction of Imran Khan as a villain. He said “I am the Pakistani who has the most familiarity with India, I have been all over that country,”.

He suggested it to be good for Pakistan if good relations are created between both the countries. He also supported need for trade ties between both the countries to start more trade for the benefit of both countries.


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