With a lot of congratulations and best wishes for the Imran Khan for a great victory in 2018 General Elections we appreciate victory speech made by the Pakistani Cricketer-turned PM and we associate our hopes for the country’s positive impact left in the world that could pave a way for Pakistanis to advance in the world.

Not only Pakistanis but masses around the world are putting their remarks on social media showing their believe that new leader of Pakistan will hail the hearts of the world with new policies set equal for all the classes and will plan a way to remove the black image of the country in various parts of the world to provide the nation’s from around the world for trading and other tourist purposes in Pakistan.

 Now it’s time for Imran khan to be strategic about the future of the position he holds now. There is no doubt that our captain PM is very wise and he knows it well how to hit centuries in the fields with different kinds of pitches. But being in a wish to see him hitting centuries  (may Allah bless him a long life) as our Prime Minister, I can’t help mentioning here some strategies that he should follow to maintain his position in the country.

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Unlike other politicians he should keep himself in touch with the public as absence of leaders at public level is one of the main factor that cause trouble for some party when getting elected. So, the honourable leader is requested to keep an eye on the blunders that our previous leaders have made, so that the public that anticipates a new Pakistan on your behalf, is successful to find not a new face in the chair of country’s leader but a totally new leader with new aims targeted at the welfare of the country.

Instead of long term war of criticism following the allegations of the losers that elections were not fair and the armed forces have assisted PTI to lead unfairly, our new leader should just head towards working on the pre planned projects leaving a statement of ‘shortage of time and lots of works to be done in the country’ to those who will allegedly draw Khan’s attention from deeds of welfare in the country.  And I know Khan can do that very well as we have seen him making a pre-arrival statement for the doctors and staff of the Shoukat Khanum Cancer hospital for not ignoring their duties and patients when Imran Khan goes to visit the hospital.

Majority of the politicians take it as a tradition to ignore public the whole period of being in sovereignty and come to them just months before the days of elections. This attitude of a political leader in one corner of the country affects the position of  whole party in the country in the next term of elections. So, Imran Khan should consider being in touch with the nation all the time he leads, as this is the thing people anticipated while casting ballot for him.

I had a deep conversation with those not in favour of Imran Khan and 70 percent of them told me that reason for not favouring him is because of the fear that Imran will ignore all the country and all the development will be projected in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. To some extent their fear is right. But the rest of the public supporting Imran also anticipate an overall attention from the lead.

Hope the public anticipations and requirements from the government will be fulfilled during this new period of sovereignty. But, if the results from this new sovereignty are contrary to the public hopes, the next time public will give chance to some one other, instead of repeating the mistake of the past to choose several times a party that does not favour country but I also believe that time will not come. Again congrats for PTI and Imran Khan with endless well wishes.


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